Saturday, 18 September 2010

Cupcake phone charm and more

Minasan, kon'nichiwa!
"Hello everyone!"

It was a next day working on the forum and finishing the rest of phone charms for Etsy. Some of you might find it weird, but I really cant write about myself o_O I tried to write a bio and welcome page but I just gave up. It just looked funny. I have to do it next week and add all the policies which are just horrible, as I don't want to charge too much and Royal Mail website gives me different prices every time.

The other thing I want to say is the shop owner - let's call her Mrs L. :D, loved my phone charms and suggested to make some fridge magnets and key charms as well. I just need to price them and get back to her in a weeks time. I'm so happy! ^__^'

I also gave two charms to my friends in exchange of feedback about them. I want to know if they will be durable enough to survive in someones bag :D So the only pictures today will be one of those charms. It is similar to the ones I will sell on my Etsy :)

I'm sorry for dark pictures, but I haven't finished this one till late evening :( As you can see
i will add some blink to my "collection". This one is a economical version, the proper cupcakes will have Preciosa crystals added on (they are very similar quality as Swarovski crystals). The pearls I use are good quality Czech glass pearls and the findings are silver plated, so even if it's just a phone charm, it's still really good quality :) I think that customers who like cute accessories like blink too ^___^ And I like to make blink things so everyone will be happy :D

As for a Forum, I have added some new things so if you are interested check the link on the right or at the bottom. And I'm very pleased that we have more people joining in but no one is posting anything! Come on, don't be shy and introduce yourself! :D  

Mata ashita! (^_^)'
 "See you tomorrow!"


  1. Ooh! These are so pretty. :)
    And good for you about the shop owner liking your stuff! ;) Please post a link to your etsy when you're done. And I totally understand how you feel about writing about yourself - I'm horrible at writing bios as well.
    And you made a deco forum! I'm going to go join now. :D

  2. Haha I know what you mean by writing about yourself... my about page is more about my blog! I didn't know you were Polish though, I only know one Polish word... I think it's 'baran', meaning sheep or something like it! I heard a Polish friend say it and i've always remembered it haha... um if I remembered right that is.

    These cupcakes are lovely! I think they would make nice fridge magnets too! I make fridge magnets when i'm too lazy to make anything else haha.

  3. Rin:
    Thank you! Yes I'm gladd too :D And I will try to finish everything next week. The only thing I might be missing is sun! It's getting darker and darker here in UK so early and I have no good light for my pictures after work :(

    Hahaha! Yeah it means "sheep".It's also used to call someone "stupid" :D But I acctually don't think I'm Polish enough, I call myself Monish (that's how you prenounce my name in a tender way ^^ ) because I don't like to put myself into any categories (even nationalities). I'm just ME ^^
    And I'm glad that you like them. The proper ones will be a bit better :P Hopefully I'll manage to finish everything in a week as I am really tired after work -_-'

  4. Oh, I love your cupcake charms! They would look as a bag charm too (I know I would love to have one on my bag xD).

  5. Thank you Grotesqa! I am actually thinking to make bag charms, propobaly with cupcakes too. I even already created section for bag charms on my Etsy :D I ahvent made any yet but I will in the future. Hopefully you will find some you like :)