Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Fimo strawberry slices

Minasan, kon'nichiwa!
"Hello everyone!"

Finally I got a new camera! :) It's my early birthday gift from my super extra cool
boyfriend ^_^'', and now I can take proper pictures! And you can see all the little mistakes I made, which you couldn't see on my old pictures! Haha! :D
Now I'm really happy because I can start thinking of selling my things and I wont have to worry about the quality of my photos.
But anyway, back to subject.
I've started making some new things today, like sugar rolls and cake slices :) I haven't finish them yet, because I had to go to dentist in the middle of a day and I got anaesthetic injections, which numbed half of my face -___-' so I just couldn't be bothered to finished anything. I will try tomorrow and hopefully the weather will better than today and I will be able to take some nice bright pictures :)

So today I would like to show you my strawberry slices, which I made earlier this week according to a tutorial link,  posted by Tiff on her blog. Those slices were meant to be made with air dry clay, but because I haven't got any air dry clay (and  because if someone tells me not to try something, I will definitely try it :D ), I decided to make them with polymer clay. So it's a kind of mixed type tutorial, I think :P

First I made tiny strawberries, about less than 1cm big.
They were a bit of pain, as it was quite hard to paint them inside, but I managed :) I made them exactly like it is said on that blog, but instead I used Fimo translucent clay. I shaped it first and painted with acrylic paint, dried it for a while and then sliced it before baking it. And yes, I baked clay with acrylic paint on it :) I'm naughty :D But actually nothing happened. No bubbles or cracks. It got darker where the seeds are but that's all. I only forgot about one thing. I haven't varnish them and the silicone I've put them into, has changed its color to a slight pink O_o' Well, now I know to varnish anything that is painted with acrylics before putting it into a silicone.

Next I decided to make bigger slices with a bit different method. I thought that you can buy polymer clay canes which you slice and you don't have to bake. I was wondering how they do it? Is it because they are so thin or they bake them for a shorter time? I decided to try out the second way. I made a long cane from translucent Fimo clay and baked it for about 15 min. Now I can tell you that I could bake it for 10 or even less minutes. I don't know how would it work with normal clay, I will try it in the future :)
After cooling it down I painted it with acrylic paint and varnished it to give it nice glaze. (This tool above is just a knitting needle which is really good for making holes in strawberries :)
After it dried, I sliced it and painted inside also with acrylic paint, just diluted with water. I must say that baked translucent clay just "soaks" the paint in! :D
This is picture taken with new camera. You can even see little cracks on the slices, because I didn't knead clay properly :D After painting them inside I varnished them with satin glaze, to seal the paint inside. Below you have finished small slices and some of the large ones just to compare the sizes.
As you can see I am risky person and I like to try things no one ever tried before :) Well maybe someone has put acrylic paint and clay together in the oven, but I haven't heard about it and everyone is saying that it won't work - well it did. And my oven is fine, strawberries look OK and I'm happy :)

Just to add something: if you would like to try it, then it will be only on your responsibility :P I'm not paying for any damage you'll make tho! :D Nah I'm just kidding :) But seriously, this apparently is not a proper way of making polymer clay slices, but I made it this way and it worked. Just to prove that it is possible :D A bit time consuming,but if you like to torture yourself painting every slice separately and you haven't got air dry clay, then this is a way for you :)  

Mata ashita! (^_^)'
 "See you tomorrow!"


  1. They look fantastic though! And you bothered to paint the veins in, I am just too lazy haha! I'm glad nothing happened and that it works, i'm really proud of you!

    I think with the polymer clay canes, they are baked, but polymer clay can still be sliced through with a very sharp exacto knife? At least that's what I think. I'm not sure at all! Also congrats on getting your new camera, and i'm glad you're getting all the tax stuff sorted. I'm so glad I live in Australia :). Can't wait to see your shop!

  2. Thank you Tiff! Glad that you like them! ^_^'
    Yeah, I do like to take time to create little deatails like this, amazingly it makes me really happy :D
    And Australia sounds really exotic for me! It must be amazing to live there. Now I know why all of your pictures are so bright. You have sun all year long! ^____^'

  3. Sweet! I love the strawberry slices you made! :D I'm about to try out the same tutorial but I'm really afraid of wasting clay, haha.