Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Don't give up

Hello everyone!
I've been doing lots of things lately and i didn't know what to post first. I got a little bit depressed yesterday while finishing my ice creams and wafers. I don't know if it was because of the weather (it was really windy and raining all day :( ) or maybe I  just had a bad day. Nothing was working for me. My silicone cream didn't look like i planned to, piping bags were ripping, making my hands covered in silicone. I got silicone fumes into my eyes when i was mixing it with acrylic paint :( I realy had enough. I didn't like what I've made at all and i was seriously wondering if i should just stop making sweets at all. I know, i might be just to sensitive and overreacting. Everyone has bad days. But i really thought that I'm crap and my sweets are rubbish :(
And then everything has changed. About hour after i finished first batch of ice creams, i decided to try out new brand of silicone, Evo-Stick Tile Seal. Before i was using the cheapest white silicone from Homebase (UK). The first moment i tried new silicone i knew that my life has changed :D Evo-Stick is SO MUCH better. It's soft, shiny and it doesn't dry too quick, leaving plenty of time to decide what to decorate with. I haven't tried mixing it with acrylic paint yet, but i will do it tomorrow so i will report how it'll go.

Below are my first rather serious ice cream and wafers attempts :) Looking at these photos i have to say that i need to work on design, meaning how to arrange ice cream dollops on the cream. They look a bit chaotic at the moment :P I also tried to make custom sauce colors by mixing different 3D paint colours.  And the strawberries are made according to a tutorial i got from Hikaria's blog (yes, i used polymer clay+acrylic paint and i baked it. Naughty! :D )

I didn't know how to arrange ice creams to make them look good on photos. I don't really know much about photography and i take pictures with just a mobile phone (5MP LG Viewty :D so i decided to create something different like ice cream stand :) Et voila!
These are tiny ice creams. The one on the left has got fruit slices made from canes i bought from Sophie&Toffe shop (great quality! :) I also tried to make transparent raspberry sauce :D

I quite like these, especially banana and chocolate one.

I have to apologize for a long post today, didn't want to make you bored (whoever is reading this :P I mean, is anyone reading it at all? :D ) My point is that everyone has bad days with their creations. Everyone thinks: "I'm not good at all, i can't make this to look like those sweets on Internet :( " But i think that you might just need some practice, get some experience, read more tutorials or visit good blogs. Maybe you just need better tools or supplies, like i needed different silicone! :D (and practice :P ) Or maybe you just need a sunny weather like me today :) Just remember, never give up!


  1. They're beautiful! Especially your waffle baskets, they're perfect! And yeah sometimes I feel like nothing is working for me at all too but you just have to work hard and pull through. Practice makes perfect! I know I often tried to bite off more than I can chew when I first started but this does take practice. Although somedays it does get to be too much and I get all annoyed...

    I noticed all the FF banners on the left side of your site, I love FF too! Although I have to say i'm super disappointed by FFXIII's ending... I don't know if you've finished it so I won't discuss it lol. I just thought they could've done more!

  2. Thank you Tiff! :) Glad that you like it. Yes practice is realy important.

    And yes I LOVE Final Fantasy! I have VIII,X,X-2,XII and XIII. I haven't finished any of them yet! :P Whenever I played one, the next one was coming out so I was starting to play next one. Currently I'm playing XIII and I'm on chapter 11. I like it but it doesn't have the same magical feeling like the previous ones.

  3. These are sooo delicious looking! You are so talented! This gave me inspiration to make my own ice cream~

  4. Thank you Airi-san! But i just think that i have lots of free time (more at the moment) and plenty of patience! :D And im looking forward to see your ice creams. We need to spread the word about mini sweets and inspire others! That's how i got inspired :D