Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Hello everyone!
First I'd like to thank you for all nice comments about my ice creams! :) It means a lot to me that someone is reading this and likes what I do. I know that I still have to learn and knowing that someone will look at my work gives me motivation to try more to do my best! :D

But anyway :) It was really sunny today (I think these are last days of summer in UK :( ) so me and my boyfriend went crabbing :D Before you say anything - no crab got hurt! We've let free all 3 we caught! :D So if you're interested, here are some photos :) I blanked my face in japanese style tho. I read on other Tokyo Kawaii forum that japanese people are shy and that's why they do that. Well I'm shy too so here you have! :P
And below is a preview of what I've made after crabbing. I will post more photos tomorrow.

I decided to try a new japanese approach to making sweets. Just like in japanese cooking: prepare all the ingredients first and then just chuck them into wok. That means I will first try to make all the little components for sweets, and then combine them all together :) I want to work like this from now on because i found it hard to make everything on one time. Because of that I was ending up making two or three items in one evening and now I could make more :)

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