Thursday, 9 September 2010

Flowers and cookies

Minasan, kon'nichiwa!
("Hello everyone!") *
As I promised earlier I'm posting some photos of things I made yesterday. I'm sorry that I'm doing it now but Blogger had some problems with websites before -___-''
Like I said yesterday, I decided to make big batches of individual components first and then just play making proper items. So yesterday I started making different types of flowers for cupcakes. For some of them I used little icing cutters and the little roses are made by hand.
I don't really know how to name these more complicated flowers, but making them took me a lot of time :( The cutters are quite small and clay was just sticking to it all the time! But I think it was worth is because they just look gorgeous on cupcakes! :P

I also made some big and smaller cookies and they just killed me at the end of the day! I seriously couldn't see straight when i finished painting them! :D
I tried to paint them with crushed pastels but it just looked horrible. The triangle is painted with pastels, the middle one is mixed (acrylic paint and pastels), and the heart is painted with acrylic and "burned" on the top with pastel powder :) Yes, you can burned clay biscuits! :D Maybe just polymer clay doesn't really like powdered pastels or maybe I have crap brushes. For me at the moment acrylics are better because I can easily control the amount i put on clay. I can even wash most of it off with water if I will make mistake. With pastels is different, if I put them onto clay, they stay there for good. 

I will post some cupcakes pictures tomorrow because now they are drying.
And I'm going to have some rest and go to play Final Fantasy XIII now ^_^'

Mata ashita! (^_^)'
*  (That means "See you tomorrow!" I want to learn Japanese :P
I got it from Google translator :D
I hope that it is correct! If anyone from  Japan is reading this, please please kindly correct me if I'm wrong :D  )

* Updated thanks to Rin :)


  1. Oh my goodness! So adorable. I seriously need to get those cookie cutters. :)
    I'm so jealous of your skills. They look so realistic!

    (I'm a silent reader of your blog; actually I subscribe on google reader, but I just had to comment on your adorable clay sweets.)

    *See you tomorrow is actually 「また、明日」 (mata ashita), haha. Anata no subete no ashita means something like "all of your tomorrow".

  2. Thank you Rin! Glad that you like them :)
    And acctualy I don't know any japanese, just things like "konnichiwa" and stuff :P

    So how can I say the whole sentence then? And how write it in Japanese? Please help? :D
    And here is example link to eBay with those cookie cutters :

  3. The whole sentence? Hmm, the closest to "I'll see you all tomorrow" is 「皆さん、また明日」or 「みなさん、またあした」(minasan, mata ashita) which is basically just "everyone, I'll see you tomorrow". You actually used minasan in the beginning of the post too.

    Haha, Japanese takes a while to learn. Google translate isn't very accurate, though. I remember when I first started learning Japanese at school, a bunch of students would Google translate everything and then my teacher got really mad at us.

    As for simple translations of Japanese, I use and for sentences and websites, and and for words. :)

    Oh, and thanks for the link to those cookie cutters! I found out that they actually sell those in a local craft store, so I think I'll get a set of my own soon.

  4. Oh I am so confused now! :( Do you think it's ok now or should I delete it all? I don't want it to look stupid :P And the last question if I may please :P Would "Sweet and tiny" look like this in japanese: 甘く、小さな ? I want to make a header for my blog ^_^'

    And I'm looking forward to see your cookies! :D

  5. Aww sorry for confusing you! ):
    Sweet and tiny would be 「甘くて小さな」or 「甘くて小さい」.
    The Japanese you have on your post right now is all correct. :D

  6. Oh that's good -__-' And it wasnt you! :D I just messed up without knowing what I'm getting into! :D Thank you for your help! I will choose one of them :P