Thursday, 16 September 2010

Mini Sweets Forum

This will be a quick post. I didn't want to add it to my previous one because it's just a different topic :)

I have created a free forum about clay sweets, kawaii things and all the Japanese cool stuff. The reason for that was I just couldn't find any website or forum where I could ask a question about making deco sweets etc. , show my work and ask for help and advice. There is of course Deco Den Journal but there is no clear classification of topics or easy search engine (just like on normal forum). Therefore I decided to create one. I tried to advertise it on Facebook, Live Journal  etc. but no response :( I still have access to this forum but I'm too shy and without any experience with managing it. I wish I could have someone trusted I could run it with -___-'

Here is a picture showing you how it looks like now:

and here is the link to it.
Anyone interested please visit it and make it alive finally! ^_____^'


  1. Oh this is a great idea! It's true, there is no real community for sweets deco and stuff and it's hard to find people who like the craft as well. It also makes it hard for me to advertise my stuff :(. I hope this takes off, i'm joining right now!

    Your cookie charms from your last post are really cute by the way!

  2. Thank you! :) I have made some changes, especially the name so its DECO Forum now, so maybe more people will join. I think I will add games section too! FF rulez! ^_____^

  3. hi! I added your forum with a link and page the the All about deco site ^^ If you have a banner from the forum, you can always email it to me so I can add it there too :)

  4. oh thank you! :)and no I havent the original banner cuz its just a normal template with a forum name. I tried to customize it but it didnt work and I'm not good at html coding! -_-'